Integrated IEC and fuseholder

Combining mains socket and fuseholder in one, save money and build time

It makes a lot of sense to combine the IEC socket with the fuseholder. It needs one panel opening and has some added safety benefits, as well as minimising mains-side wiring. It fits perfectly in the rectangular cut-outs of the small pre-punched chassis and 2×8+3×9 chassis. The fuse goes into the slide-out tray and has internal contacts, so there are just three connectors on the rear: Live (fused), Neutral and Earth.


The added safety benefit comes from the fact that a small nib on the tray makes it impossible to remove the fuseholder without unplugging the ICE mains input. A small but useful benefit. There’s also a small cavity in the fuse tray for storing a spare fuse.


Dimensions & info

The socket requires a 32x27mm rectangular hole to mount on the outside of the chassis. The fixing holes in the mounting surround are 36mm apart, and you use M3 hardware (with countersunk screws) to fix the socket to the chassis. The three connectors at the rear are spade-type, but have holes for wired solder connections. The fuseholder part accepts standard 20x5mm fuses. The fuse fits into the tray part of the socket, clipping into place when it’s inserted.


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