JCM-type jack socket

Switching version (four solder lugs) for input jacks and speaker jacks

This is the simpler style of the classic ‘Cliff’ jack that Marshall, Vox and many others use on their vintage, reissue and modern amps. It’s a quality part, made by Neutrik. It’s a lower cost and less fiddly alternative to the chrome-nose jack socket. But the switching action (useful for grounding the tip connection when there’s no cable plugged into your amp’s input socket) is identical.


Dimensions & info

This socket is mono, with four solder lugs. Two lugs carry the signal and ground connection to the amp circuit and they each have a switching contact that you can use – for example, to ground the input to an amplifier when there is no guitar cable plugged in. All four connections are isolated from the chassis at all times. It fits into an 11.2mm diameter hole.


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