Large turrets

Turrets for hand wired boards, large size for multiple connections

These are easy to use turrets. I’ve tried most and settled on these because they had the best combination of features. First – unlike the classic vintage turrets used in early Marshall amps – there’s no centre slot to line up. This makes staking the turrets easy and you can stake a turret board in a fraction of the time.


Secondly, they are large, too – the centre hole is wide (2mm diameter). This allows you to fit in more component leads into a single turret. This is especially useful for components with fat leads (power resistors, large electrolytic capacitors, etc). If you need to make more connections, there’s also a ridge on the turret’s shaft for side-mounting, and the hole in the underside of the turret, too.


As with any turret, fixing is the same: drill a hole in the board, insert a turret and flare (swage) the underside to create a firm fit. I also stock a range of tools for this turret: drill bits, swaging tool set, etc. See turret tools page and PTFE material page.


Dimensions & info

This is made in the UK, exclusively for Amp Maker. The turret’s flared end is designed to work with boards of 0.125in (3-3.2mm) thickness. The turret stands 8mm tall (i.e. from the turret board surface), and the shaft’s maximum diameter is at the base – 4.7mm. The hollow shaft’s internal diameter is 2mm. To create a suitable hole for these turrets, use a 2.9mm drill bit (also available, see turret tools).


Available singly or in packs of 100 at a discount.

Note: (As of 29/06/22, Amp Maker is taking a Summer holiday. Orders placed now will ship from 25/07/22.)