Octal retaining clip

A sprung clip for supporting upside-down 6L6, 6V6, EL34, etc

Use this spring retainer to secure octal power valves in amps were the valves are not standing upright; I’d recommend always using it for amps where the valves are hanging downwards or for those where the valves are horizontal. The sprung arms allow it to fit any octal valve socket, including the 8-pin valve socket.


Dimensions & info

The clip’s feet are secured by the valve socket’s two mounting screws. Place the valve into the socket and then pull the top piece with its circular cut-out over the top of the valve. This version suits the smaller octals.


Out of stock

Note: (April 2022: the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions have disrupted the global supply of valves. Therefore, only the version without valves is available until further notice.).