Perforated board

Vintage-style laminate board – pre-cut and already perforated


For quick planning and building of turret boards, perforated board material is a huge time-saver. The holes are a perfect size for the screw-mount turrets (TU03 – shown right). They just drop-through and you add M2.5 fixing hardware to hold them in place. That means you can make up a turret board within minutes – no drilling or swaging required. And you can change your mind and move turrets around in seconds.


If you prefer to use normal turrets (the type where you swage the underside to fix the turret permanently into place), you just drill out the hole to 2.9mm diameter.


Dimensions & info

This board is pre-drilled, 3mm thick and comes in two versions. One is like the RS perf board used in vintage Marshall 18W amplifiers – 257mm by 67mm. The other is a JTM45-size, which has an extra row of holes and is 257mm by 76mm. It’s in a slightly brighter red than the original red-brown vintage material.



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