Punched chassis medium 1x8 and 3x9

Medium-size, holes for three preamp valves and one octal power valves

This chassis is a version of the medium-sized plain aluminium chassis, but pre-punched with a range of holes to suit Amp Maker kits and many other typical projects up to 20W or so. It was originally designed for the N5X guitar amp kit, so check that out for full details. If you don’t have metalwork tools, or the necessary skills and patience (like me), this chassis can cut your amp assembly time right down.


Transformer mounting
It has been punched for a small-to-medium toroidal power transformer such as the 190-0-190V toroid in the Amp Maker shop. There are also mounting holes spaced to suit the 5W single-ended output transformer.


Control and other holes
The rear panel has holes punched for a combination IEC+fuseholder socket and three speaker outputs. The front panel has holes punched for a range of toggle switches, indicator lamp, pots and jacks sockets.


The top surface is punched with the transformer mounting holes mentioned above, plus four valve socket holes: three for 9-pin sockets and one for an 8-pin socket. The top surface also has M3 mounting holes for fitting the circuit board(s), and several M4 holes for fixing grounding lugs, tag strips, etc. The diagram included with the photos (right) shows the N5X layout and will give you an idea of what types of circuit you can build into this chassis.


Dimensions & info

The chassis is 483mm wide, 170mm deep, and 65mm tall. The internal dimensions are 440x167x63mm – plenty enough to accommodate typical amp designs. It’s suitable for both head and combo amps and mounts like a vintage Marshall chassis. Check out the hardware section for packs of M6 mounting hardware (to mount the chassis to your cabinet) and other M2.5-M4 mounting hardware for valve sockets, grounding lugs, etc. Made in the UK.


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Note: (As of 29/06/22, Amp Maker is taking a Summer holiday. Orders placed now will ship from 25/07/22.)