Shielded wire - PVC

Insulated central conductor and braided shield; ideal for input stage wiring

Where you need shielding – for the lowest level signals in your amp, or to minimise the chance of oscillation – you can use this shielded wire. It has a grey outer insulator, covering a braided screen, which shields the inner conductor (which has its own blue PVC insulation). It’s a thinner and more flexible version of the cabling that’s used to connect your guitar to your amplifier.


Typically, you ground the shield at one end of the cable run to avoid ground loop hum. You can see a typical example in the photo of the input jack socket wiring on the right, where the cable shield is grounded by the black wire that runs to the chassis.


If you want wire to complete an amp build, you may prefer to save money by buying a pre-packaged bag of wire. This includes this shielded wire, assorted colours of hook-up wire, bare hook-up wire and heatshrink for insulation. See assorted wire pack for details and pricing.


Dimensions & info

The wire’s overall diameter – including the insulation – is 3.1mm. The central wire is stranded. All insulation is PVC. Price is per metre (just over 3ft).


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