Silver aluminium panel TMB

Front panel, pre-punched in silver finish anodised aluminium


ON CLEARANCE: This front control panel is made of aluminium, with a brushed finish similar to that used for 1970s era amplifiers. It’s the one I designed for the SE-5a amp kit. From right to left, on the front panel, the controls are: Input; Gain; Treble; Middle; Bass; Master; Standby; Indicator; On/Off. There’s a matching rear panel, too, also on clearance.


Dimensions & info

Each aluminium control panel is 483mm wide, 63mm tall and 1.2mm thick.The control spacing is 40mm centre to centre – i.e. a total of 280mm from the On/Off switch to the Input on the front panel. The hole for the indicator neon is equidistant (20mm) from the two switches. The holes are pre-punched to suit the mounting shafts of typical controls. Note: the centre line for the front-panel holes is slightly offset downwards (28mm from the bottom edge), so that the controls are a little easier to see when you’re standing over your amplifier.



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