Silver aluminium rear panel

Simple rear panel for the medium chassis


ON CLEARANCE: This rear control panel is made of aluminium, with a brushed finish similar to that used for 1970s era amplifiers. It matches the silver aluminium front panel. The rear panel is punched for an IEC mains socket, a fuseholder and a pair of speaker sockets (labelled 8- and 16-ohms).


The labels for both IEC socket and fuseholder are pre-printed with common ratings: 120V/240V and 0.5A/1A/2A, respectively. Black out the irrelevant figures to leave just the correct ratings for your particular amplifier (see right).


Dimensions & info

The panel is 483mm wide, 63mm tall and 1.2mm thick, sized to fit perfectly on the medium chassis.


£10.00 £7.00

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