Speaker wire

Speaker wire for amp-to-cab connections

There’s a lot of nonsense on the Net about the type of wire you should use for connecting your amplifier (valve or solid-state) to its speaker. You’ll see claims for all sorts of copper and insulation. In fact, guitar amplifiers are so wonderfully lo-fi that you can treat all such claims with contempt. As long as the conductor is capable of handling the modest current required and the insulation can safely withstand the modest voltages, any 2-core wire will do the job. And that includes the simple 2-core wiring for your table lights at home (maybe you can steal a couple of metres without your wife finding out?)


Apart from that, my only suggestion is to choose a wire that you will never mistake for a standard guitar cable (i.e. the shielded type that you use to connect guitar to amplifier input). So I have chosen a figure-8 profile cable in white. It’s suitable for all amplifier outputs up to 100W into 2/4/8/16-ohms. There’s a moulded ridge along one side of the wire so that you can make sure to keep polarity consistent.


Dimensions & info

The wire’s overall size – including the insulation – is approx 6mm x 3mm. The two conductors are stranded. All insulation is PVC. Price is per metre (just over 3ft).


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