Switchcraft jack socket

Switching version (three solder lugs) for input jacks and speaker jacks

This is the jack socket that’s commonly used on Fender amplifiers; it has an all-metal construction and an open style. It’s been around – unchanged – for many years. This is a switching version, so it’s suitable for inputs and outputs (ignore the centre lug if you don’t need the switching function). Typically, the switching is used for grounding the tip connection when there’s no cable plugged into an amplifier’s input socket.


Dimensions & info

This socket is mono, with three solder lugs. The shield connections is NOT isolated from the chassis, so your circuit will be grounded to the chassis at this point. It fits into an 9.5mm diameter hole. This is a genuine Switchcraft part.


Out of stock

Note: (April 2022: the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions have disrupted the global supply of valves. Therefore, only the version without valves is available until further notice.).