Tag strip

Ideal for mods to existing amps, or new amps with true point-to-point wiring


Tag strip mounts directly to the chassis via M4 hardware and is perfect for making modifications to existing amps. For example, you can use it to add a place to mount grid stoppers next to a valve socket, or add extra components to an amp without modifying its original turret board. It’s also possible to build a complete point-to-point wired circuit with tag strip. It will require a lot of forward planning of course. (I’m not that brave or talented!)


Dimensions & info

The tag strip comes in serveral versions, each of which has at least one has grounded lug:

  • 5-way (central mounting lug)
  • 4-way (two mounting lugs)
  • 3-way (central mounting lug)
  • 2-way (one mounting lug)
  • 1-way (just the mounting lug)


These are all shown in the photos (right). Of course, when planning your circuit, it’s vitally important to remember that anything connected to the mounting lugs will be grounded! Tip: Use pliers to bend the phenolic retaining clip on the 1-way tag and you can remove that small piece of phenolic and get a huge grounding lug – perfect for an amplifier with a true star ground.



Note: (As of 29/06/22, Amp Maker is taking a Summer holiday. Orders placed now will ship from 25/07/22.)