Turret staking tool

A custom-made tool to help you fix turrets in place on your turret boards


This set of tools is designed for use with the large turrets. It’s a three-part tool set: large anvil, tubular turret holder and swaging tool/punch. Here’s a full guide on how to use this set of tools:

  1. use a drilling guide to plan your turret board pattern
  2. tape the guide to your turret board material
  3. use the 2.9mm drill bit to drill through the guide and board
  4. put the large round anvil on a firm surface (NOT your wife’s favourite coffee table)
  5. place the turret holder into the anvil’s hole
  6. put the first turret into the turret holder – top down
  7. place the first hole in your board over the turret bottom
  8. double-check that you have the board the RIGHT WAY UP (which means face-down… it’s all too easy to put the turrets in the wrong side)
  9. a small length of the turret bottom protrudes from the underside of the board
  10. use the end of swaging tool with the special conical shape to flare out this protruding tip


You can swage the turret in several ways. The easiest is to use 3-4 taps of a small hammer against the other end of the swaging tool – just as you would use a punch. Alternatively, if you have a good quality drill press with no slop or play in the mechanism, you can fit the swaging tool into the chuck and use the lever to push it down on to the turret bottom. Several Amp Maker customers have reporterd perfect results using this approach.


Dimensions & info

The turret tools are made in the UK for Amp Maker. Solid steel, treated against rust.



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