Wire Packs PTFE

Hook-up wire, with bare bus wire for amp builds

These packs contain all of the PTFE-insulated wire types needed to build an amp. It includes 1000V/14A PTFE hook-up wire in 10 colours and solid bare wire (for ground bus/etc). There’s a big saving over buying the wire separately.


Dimensions & info

See individual pages for wire diameter and specs. There are two packs available:

  • PTFE Wire Pack 1 is for small amps (Champs, etc) and contains 1m of each of 10 colours for the hook-up wire and 50cm of solid bare wire
  • PTFE Wire pack 2 is for medium-sized amps (18W, Tweed Deluxe, etc) and contains 2m of each of 10 colours for the PTFE hook-up wire and 1m of solid bare wire.

Note: (April 2022: the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions have disrupted the global supply of valves. Therefore, only the version without valves is available until further notice.).