Sound and video

Hear and see the amps in action.
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Morten's fantastic WF-55 track

A beautiful song with the little Champ running into a big speaker.

Steve's full blues-rock track with SE-5a/N5X

Fully produced track with the SE-5a (N5X predecessor)

Neil's P1800 recording

Pro quality, and great playing by Lewis Hamilton (see Lewis’ bandcamp)

Sami's mellow WF-55 track

Love this track – Strat + Champ + some reverb = heaven

George's punky 18Wer

This is the SL-18 version of the 18W amplifier

Brian's A/B test of N5X and Mesa Boogie

Interesting comparison of crunch and lead tones: Mesa – N5X – Mesa – N5X

Jean-Luc's bluesy P1800 track

JL lets the guitar and amp do the talking here: Les Paul into 18W plexi

Trent's testing of SE-5a/N5X with pedals

Trent runs through a lot of stompboxes with the SE-5a (N5X forerunner) set clean

Corey's P1800 soundcheck

Solo tones as Corey talks through some of the 18Wer’s classic tones

Peter's Double Six does Bach

Multi-tracked and sounding gorgeous

Stephane's PP-18/P1800 on Soundcloud

Classic cover version, Les Paul Classic straight into PP-18 at 11, Tubescreamer for lead

Workshy's WF-55 transplant

Time-lapse build and initial sound samples (thanks, whoever you are!)

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Andy's SE-5a/N5X

Spot the Aussie influences in Andy’s clips.

Hackney Slim's P1800

Classic cover track made with classic 18W tones

Hammerknockers' Double Six - clean tones

The Double Sixwas designed for clean tones, and H’s solo clips show off a lot of its range

Spodsie's crunchy 18Wer

Nicely recorded track using all the gain of the SL-18 version of the 18W circuit

Luke's WF-55-based time lapse

Time-lapse build and a soloed guitar track throughout

Chris' PP-18/P1800 through pedals

Great example of running a versatile pedalboard into a vintage-style amp