Ian’s long-awaited SE-5a

“It’s been five years or more since I purchased an SE-5a kit from you and, thanks to my incredible Dad rescuing it from the depths of my wardrobe, I thought you might like to see the finished article in all its glory! Could this be something of a gestation period record? As I’m sure you …

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Garcia’s SE-5a 2×12 combo

“I send you some pictures of the amp finished, you can publish them if you want. It is a 2×12 combo, the furniture is made of spruce wood. I built it myself. Long ago, I transformed a Laney LC15R using pine wood and 12-inch speaker, but the SE-5a 5W has been much better in both …

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Jack’s high-rise SE-5a

“Thought I would let you know how the amp looks now it’s all finished! Thanks a lot for all your help. I’m really happy with the outcome, it looks and sounds great!” Here’s a link to construction pictures:

Richard’s SE-5a stack

“I just finished my SE-5a which I bought a couple of weeks ago. I decided to make a head and cabinet in matching style, see pictures. I would like to thank you for the great kit, easy to build and plays real well. “The logo is home made, it is build up from white plastic …

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Peter’s pine-box SE-5a

“Amp is all built and sounds great. I’m using it through a 2×12 Basson cab loaded with OEM Eminence speakers, and there is loads of top end available – a Telecaster bridge pickup requires the treble to be turned down a lot :). “I put the case into an 18mm pine box finished with Danish …

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Dave’s rehomed SE-5a

“I had a spare 15W output transformer from you, and now thanks to the toroidal power transformer, I decided I was going to build an SE-10a into my current 10-inch combo cab with a spare EL34. “What to do now with all the SE-5a bits…? I had an old Stagg 15W Bass combo that wasn’t …

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Will’s SE-5a combo

“I was playing through the SE-5a last night. I’ve started playing quite a lot now as I actually have a gig looming (first for 15 years). I’m getting married next year and me and some old band mates are regrouping to make a row. It was all the excuse I needed to spend silly money …

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Jos’ SE-5a mini-stack

“As I mailed you in October; I finished during my Christmas holiday the SE-5a project. Here are the pictures. The head enclosure and cab are covered with brown and bordeaux tolex. “I used silver piping and Marshall-style cane grill cloth. The cab is filled with one 12-inch Celestion G12H30. And , of course, I needed …

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Kevin’s blonde SE-5a stack

“Just thought I’d send you a picture of the finished amp. I am really pleased with the quality of the kit you sent, and the build instructions were excellent. I am already contemplating another build to restore an old Vox AC4 cabinet I have acquired. “The speaker cab is an old ‘disco’ type cab that …

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Philippe’s military-grade combo

“I’ve sent you few pics of my amp, finished. It’s built in an old military woodbox. Good tone, like JTM45 (my other amp). Good to play at home.”

Mike’s SE-5a combo

“It’s finished! And it sounds great, I’m so pleased with it! Cab was a self build and my first ever effort, 18mm ply – fender brown oxblood grill cloth – top mount style just to be a bit different from my other (bought) amps which are front mounted! Managed to find the top vents on …

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Jason’s metal monster

“Another update on my modified SE-5a: I finally got the front and rear panels machined and fitted. So next up is powder coat and I’m thinking a vintage cream kind of colour. “It’s been a massive learning curve but I’ve finally got a light at the end of the tunnel. I installed a second preamp …

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Stevie’s blonde SE-5a head

  “Just thought I’d send a few photos of my completed SE-5a. The actual build itself was a doddle, had it working in about a day, but I’ve been busy since then, so the enclosure has taken a good while to finish. Obviously, the exterior doesn’t really match the British character of the circuit, but …

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Charles’ doubled-up SE-5a!

What’s better than an SE-5a? Two of them in one box! Charles explains:”Despite it’s simplicity and beauty, for me there were several good reasons to ‘butcher’ and heavily modify the SE-5a. The first is quite simply, by my very nature, I cannot resist opening things up, seeing out it works, and wonder what happens if …

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Graham’s SE-5a combo

“The carcass is made from 18mm birch ply that has the top dovetailed and the bottom lapped as I originally had it taller but decided to square it off. The tolex is black Marshall elephant grain glued with PVA and the grill cloth is 1960s style grey mottled Marshell style. The handle is Marshall style …

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