Steve’s SE-5a and blog

  “I built the amp a while ago but have only got round to taking photos etc. recently. I’m loving it so far; and it loves my Les Paul!”For more info on his build and many pedal builds, see here:

Tim’s imagined SE-5a

“So I made up a case but I am wondering what to do about the design of the “empty” part. I sent a picture of the actual thing and then a bunch of other ideas that my wife and I had fun playing around with using Adobe Fireworks. “Thanks, I have wanted a class A …

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Lawr’s SE-5a in Marshall donor

“Thought I would drop a note about the kit I bought from you in August. It’s finally done, except for finishing touches such as graphics and some cab work. It’s an amazing and fantastic tone-monster, and I couldn’t be more pleased! “One of the best things about the setup is the range of volume that …

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Kare’s modded SE-5a

“This is my SE-5a with a cab from Chris Uff. Lovely handwork. Switch on right side is a fat switch (1uF and 22uF caps), the mini toggle by the middle, is, fittingly enough, the tone stack bypass. No problem with space, and I only needed to drill through the front plate, as the chassis has …

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Henry’s loud SE-5a combo

“I just finished the case for my SE-5A kit, white tolex and some neon spray paints…tasteful 🙂 “The speaker is a Celestion Rocket and to my shame the case is made from MDF. I assembled it at first in a day as a temporary solution to protect the hard work inside and it was designed …

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Steve’s hard-working SE-5a

  It was a delight to receive a CD through the post, and find that it’s ex-Dr Feelgood guitarist, Steve Walwyn’s latest solo album. Even more of a delight to read that the SE-5a features throughout the recordings. “I’ve built two of your amps now, an SE-5a and a PP-36 as well as restoring a …

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John’s sheepish SE-5a

“I’ve attached a photo of my completed ‘Grizzle’ amp (an SE-5a in sheep’s clothing – literally). I constructed a case from pine with a detachable bottom so that the amp is locked in, but easily accessible when I need to show off its innards to friends. “The case was more difficult than the amp, mainly …

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Dave’s brassy SE-5a

“Just to let you know that I’ve posted a few more pictures of my SE5a build if you want them for the site. And when posting them I realised it is coming up to two years old now! Can’t believe how quickly it has passed – other amps have come and gone (including a rather …

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Todd’s chunky combo

“I got in contact with Chris and he built me a Chunky Combo in black with white piping – see attached. I have to say, I enjoyed building the kit as much as I do playing through the completed combo! It’s loud enough, particularly with that G12H 30W speaker, that I can really annoy the …

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Yves’ SE-5a combo

“Here is a picture of the amp I made out of the kit, fitted with one Eminence Copperhead 10-in (I wanted to keep it not too big) with a detuned cabinet design. It is has a nice clean sound at low gain setting and sort of grindy edge at hi gain nice for rock. I …

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Richard Hirst’s SE-5a

Here’s another vote for red tolex, this time used in combination with contrasting black tolex for the cabinet’s front panel and gold plexi for SE-5a’s control panel. “The cab is ply, dovetail joints and screened. The first tolex attempt was disappointing. I chose white which was OK, but I wasn’t happy with the corners and …

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Charles Barker’s SE-5a and guitar

Got to confess that I’m always a secretly jealous of people with the skills and finesse for luthiery! Here’s another reason why: Charles’ gorgeous guitar and ’70s-style SE-5a combo cabinet. “I usually make acoustic instruments – my tenor banjo with a bridge transducer sounded fine through it. I am putting a snake under saddle transducer …

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Timo Heiskala’s SE-5a head

“Finally, my SE-5a is ready and it sounds absolutely fantastic! I am pretty familiar with electronics but this was my first amplifier and my first project involving any kind of valves. I took a shortcut with the head and speaker cabinets, I made them from grey plywood and just painted the edges to match but …

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Ricardo Ramos’ red SE-5a combo

A classic combo style in an eye-catching colour combination. Ricardo has used a smooth red levant/rexine style covering, with white and black details. Inside there’s a Celestion 12in speaker.

Josh Ellis’ Mod stack

“Just wanted to let you know I finished the amp just in time for my mate’s wedding present, suffice to say he was well chuffed! I was so impressed with the sound that I’m planning on building a PP-18 for myself, so thanks for getting me hooked on a new and expensive hobby! “I’m really …

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