Terry Wilson’s all-red amp

Here’s a great job on the classic combo cabinet, with a nice colour combination and the extra added touch of a colour-matched handle.  “I got the handle from Sid Chaplin (Vintage Radio Grilles).”

Inside, there’s an interesting issue that needed some work: Terry wanted the faceplate text to be right-way-up when viewed from the front. So he built his amp with a bare chassis and made the holes himself. However, there’s an important knock-on effect when you do this – the whole of the amp’s innards should be laid out in ‘mirror-image’. I can make mirror-image turret boards (no cost option) as long as I know in advance and potential noise/hum problems can be avoided. With a standard SE-5a turret board layout (see below), there can be some problems to solve.

“Thanks very much, you where right about the routing of the wires. I moved the wire that goes to VR1 Pot from R4 and it has done the trick. Once again thanks you have been very helpful and I have recommended you to my friends so they may be a few more sales coming your way. Great site, great product.”