This is the forum that fired my interest in the classic 18W amplifier. I’d had a not-very-well WEM Custom 15 for many years. It was the type that used a PCB. After joining this forum, and reading just about every article I could, I had learned enough to convert the WEM into a hand-wired “18W Lite”.

The result was so good that the amp got converted into other 18W derivatives: TMB and even a vrsion with a Trainwreck preamp circuit. But after enjoying the extra gain, I reverted it back to the 18W Lite and it’s been that way since. That prompted the creation of the PP-18 amp kit, and then the P1800 was the 18W Lite circuit with a few useful additions.

The 18W forum – click here to open it in a new window – requires registration before you can see the discussions, but for 18W content, it’s well worth it. Shout out to Graydon, Zaphod and the others who have made it what it is.