Amp Maker status: Closed indefinitely…

Start with top quality components...

Amp Maker kits contain everything you need to build your amplifier, from the input to the output. You get UK-made transformers, chassis and control panels, all the resistors, capacitors and every nut and bolt.

Follow the online construction guide...

All of the kits include a fully detailed online build guide that takes you through the process step-by-step. About 50% of Amp Maker customers have never built an amp before, so the guides are beginner-friendly.

WF-55 voltage testing chart

Test and measure...

Once your amp is built, it’s ready for testing. Your kit instructions tell you how to test for safety and how to check that everything is within spec and ready for action.

Plug in, turn it up and rock out!

What are you waiting for? Grab your favourite guitar and your best riffs and play. That’s Paul on the right, rocking out on his personally tweaked 18W Amp Maker kit.


Hear and see the amps...

Neil's excellent P1800 recording

On the Sound and video page, you will hear dozens of great clips of the amplifiers, some soloed and some in professionally produced tracks. Here’s Neil’s recording of guitarist Lewis Hamilton through a P1800.
Play Video
Play Video

Watch Luke's time-lapse build

Lots of Amp Maker customers have shared their builds on social media. Luke sent a link to a time-lapse video of his WF-55 based project that you can watch on Youtube.

Amps of all shapes and sizes

…and colours, so many colours. Sometimes all on a single amp! This Ab Fab creation is by Ian – one of hundreds of customers who have sent in photos of their completed amp kits. If you want ideas and inspiration for your amp’s finished appearance, check the Customer amp gallery.

Important safety notice

Building any electronic device is potentially hazardous, and almost all of the Amp Maker kits are mains powered. Being valve-based, there are also very high AC and DC voltages inside the amplifier.

        For this reason, none of the projects are suitable for children (under the age of 18). I will always encourage young engineers and hobbyists to get into electronics, but it must be in the company and supervision of an adult.

        In addition, amp building is something that needs attention to detail, and that level of detail is impossible to get across on a mobile phone screen and many smaller tablets. So please make sure you have a full-size computer screen or a 100% print-out to use when following the PDF construction manuals.

Amp Maker status

Oct 5th: For personal reasons, I am closing Amp Maker indefinitely. Apologies for any inconvenience.

For full information, go to Amp Maker news