Adam’s (dad’s) amazing cabinetry

“A rather belated thank you for your kit and instructions. I’d done a bit of soldering when rewiring a guitar with a new pickup and then some mods on a Fender Blues Junior amp (which gave me the bug to have a go at building my own). Having your clear concise instructions was very helpful, especially the final checks and readings before playing through it.

“My dad is a carpenter and let me have some lovely yew which he turned into the head and cab for me and then I selected some edge pieces where the bark and white stripe came from to cover the front and back areas. I opted for oxblood grill cloth and an alnico blue driver to finish it off with a vintage tone and really chuffed with the sound.

“Very pleased with the result it sounds great with anything I put through it, especially my ES125 it really can tame that high output P90!”