Aleksi does it again!

🙂 One man with a serial amp building habit, Aleksi has again used multiple PTFE boards for different parts of the circuit. It’s another very busy amp chassis.

“I attach a few pics of my latest build. It still needs some tweaking with the reverb and the power control, but it’s 99% done. After giving away my last amp with 12ax7 / ef86 I wanted one for myself.

“Aleksi’s trademark is using an EF86 in the middle of the preamp (compared to vintage Vox amps that used them as the amp’s first stage).

“The amp has a 12ax7 driving an ef86 (surprise!!) into LTPI into push-pull 6V6. It also has a Belton digital reverb module (under the turret board) along with output power control.”

The latter uses the Amp Maker 0-190-275V mains transformer. As you can see, Aleksi’s another fan of the Tokai Love Rock.