Anton’s Champ with mic channel

“I built an amp for my son for Christmas using parts ordered from you. The amp is based on your WF-55 amp using the 5W OT and 15W PT in your small chassis. However, I added a microphone channel. I had to add an extra turret board for some of the power supply filter caps as well as an extra preamp valve, a 12AY7, for the microphone channel.
“I wanted a clean look so I used 3 mm plexiglas for the turret boards and added a plexiglas window so see into the amp from the back. It was a tight squeeze to fit it all into the small chassis, but with a bit of patience it all worked out fine. The speaker is a 12″ Celestion G12M heritage (20W greenback) and the sound is warm and fat. Playing a guitar through the mic channel will yield a clean sound even at maximum volume.”