Antti’s PP-18 for bass

I often get asked when I’ll do a bass amplifier kit. For now it’s some time off, but some customers – like Antti – get good results from the 18W circuit.

“A few years ago I built a model PP-18 and I modified it with 2W / 9W / 18W switchable output switch. This winter I finally got ‘almost’ completed Fearful 15/6 -bass cabinet and I have tested PP-18 with Fearful at home. I have tested PP-18 through that good bass cab and I can not hear any lack of low frequencies when played with low volumes.

“My 1977 Fender Precision sounds like Precision bass, there comes lots of lows and THE thump with Pyramid flatwound strings. And my 1982 Aria Pro II SB R-60 hits with lots of mids and I can hear first time that it really is a Aria Pro II. I have played with tone full open. There is no need for any kind of EQ. Just bass, simple amp and good cab. That is all I need.”