Barrie Tait’s reborn Ibanez

“The chassis is a burnt out Ibanez TB-15r. The amp is basically your SE-5a with a mod making C1 and C3 switchable – i.e. bright or dark. The other bits are a small ali box on top of the chassis. This is a valve vibracaster reverb circuit that incorporates a Brimar ECC82 valve and small PCB that I built.

“I tried putting the valve between the EL84 and ECC83 in your schematic and the PCB under the chassis, but I got a lot of noise so it ended up in the box! The switch between the Speed and Depth knobs puts the reverb in or out of the circuit.”I am well pleased with your amp! I only use it for my own messing about trying to record myself along with backing tracks but just a beginner.”