Bob’s Vox transplant

“I have now completed my project which was the conversion of a Vox Pathfinder 15 watt solid state amplifier having tremelo and spring reverb, to a wholly valve amplifier with approximately the same output power and with tremelo and spring reverb.

“The valve complement is 2 x EL84, 3 x ECC83, and 1 X ECC81. The existing reverb unit was replaced by a modern copy of a vintage Accutronics unit and the existing Vox Bulldog 8in speaker replaced by a similar diameter Audax heavy duty speaker. The original steel chassis/control panel was retained for the valve preamp section and a separate 5x4in chassis constructed for the class AB valve power output stage.

“The new circuit and components are housed completely in the original Vox cabinet with the inclusion of a top ventilator grille to assist in heat dissipation.”