Chals Bestron’s Double Six head

“The Double Six is SIMPLY AMAZING. What a sound!!! Amazing with a Strat/Tele, breaks up nicely and the boost switch is killer. You can get a thick natural overdrive with a strat in the 1W setting and the Boost engaged, volume all the way up, perfect for recording at home. Enough power for a small gig, very responsive EQ and the Fat switch is perfect to juice up your solos. Humbuckers can get quite aggressive, you get a rounder and meaner sound. Switch the Boost off and you’re in for some skronky jazz/country/blues. I absolutely luuurve 6V6s…

“Chals has tweaked his Double Six quite a bit, in a mainly vintage Fender direction, including cloth wire, Orange Drop signal caps (“big…. but I only had 600V!”), and carbon comp resistors.

“Cabinet is made by Chris in red levant and oxblood grille.” Nicely set off by the use of Fender-style knobs on the front, too.