Christian’s PP-18 head

“Here are some preliminary pictures of my PP-18. Thank you again for offering such a nice and well documented kit. The tolex is ivory, however I changed my mind on the grill cloth for ‘Marshall cane style’ basket weave. I did the woodwork on the headsell myself, as well as the tolex, piping and front grill. The head is 18mm birch ply, connected with dowels – I’’m very proud that this turned out to be good. I annoyed the guys at my university workshop until they milled me the front plate :-).

“The piping is far from being perfect and also the tolex on the headshell could be better, but it has been my first try. The cabinet is a 1×12 and comes from Tube-Town, an online shop for speakers, cabs and all kinds of guitar stuff. Dirk, the shop-owner is also a very nice guy, and knows how to build good guitar and bass cabs. The speaker is WGS Invader (50W Greenback replacement) and is a BLAST – I can’t wait to try it with my band.

…”I’’m going to get a laser cut logo and cream chickenhead knobs (should have order the kit with them, but at that time, I wasn’’t sure what color the tolex would be).”