Christophe Grellier’s beautiful WF-55 set

Where to start? The exquisite design? The custom faceplate? The stunning match with a stunning guitar? Well, I think it shows that Christophe is a luthier (and now amp builder). He’s based in France and I strongly suggest taking a look at his Web site: Click here

Look closely and you can see that he’s tweaked the basic WF-55 a little to suit his amp layout: the Power switch is now on the front, and around the back there’s a three-position switch for speaker impedance.

“Here it is: my WF-55 kit is finished! Making the head cabinet was a lot of work, but I am really happy with the result! It sounds really good, with well enough power for playing at home. The faceplate and backplate are made of 2mm plexiglass, painted black and engraved with my CNC router.

“One mistake I made first was to put the input socket on the left and the power switch and power light on the right: the input signal cable was running along the entire width of the chassis, close to the power transformer, and I had strong hum and noises. I then swapped these elements and everything went good.”