Dave’s radio squeezed PP-18

“I finally managed to convert my 1940s Bush DAC90 valve radio into a PP-18. It’s fair to say it was a bit of a squeeze! I added a resistive mixer input for my iPhone, so I can still use it as a radio/hifi. The VVR works a treat to make it usable as a radio.

“I used a 6inch Jensen Mod speaker, which works well, but the best result is when you plug the little radio into a 4×12! I used all Amp Maker parts apart from the chassis and the tag board, which I recycled from the old radio. My wife loves the radio, but will probably be less impressed when she realizes that I’ve hidden a loud guitar amp in it!

“Thanks for the great service, if it wasn’t for Amp Maker I would have never got into amp building.”