David’s amazing Huntsman

There’s an SE-5a in there… somewhere…! They say the Devil is in the detail – there’s a LOT of Devil in David’s build..

“At last my Amp is finished. As the design progressed it became more complex. The front panel now boasts an additional digital input, true bypass switch and USB socket. This routes the input to the guts of a Line6 Floor PodXt. The speaker is a Celestion Blue G12. The speaker enclosure also houses a heavy duty 9V power supply for the Pod and for powering pedals (sockets visible on left of back view).

“The ‘Goldfish Bowl’ is a large lens found in the junk box in the prep room at work, with the bezel made from a defunct Bakelite AVO meter. The EL84 is clearly visible from across the room. The brass cogs visible in the Inside shot were from a clock found in a skip (you have to have cogs in a steam punk design). The ‘Reversible Neutron Polarity’ slogan dates from the John Pertwee Dr Who days. The A-B switches and the black crackle finish metal are from a 1950s bit of Physics kit which had failed its PAT test.

“The main on Off Switch is key operated (I will be making a matching ‘Huntsman’ tweed key fob). The Centaur logo is a Sagittarius symbol (my star sign) although as a Physicist, I have no truck with this sort of nonsense. When the digital unit is activated (B switch) 4 colour-cycling LEDs (not really directly visible) give a random colour cast to the light, and slowly die down when the power is cut.”