David’s tweaked WF-55

“Just to let you know I’ve completed the WF-55 kit, and included the VVR. It was fun to do and your instructions were very clear, even for a complete beginner like me.

“The sound is amazing: so smooth and silken, it seriously rivals my friend’s MesaBoogie in tone quality at lower volumes. A bit dark and boxy (I made a small combo and have a 6inch Jensen speaker), if I need to say something negative. Though dark is not bad for my preferred jazz tone. It loves my Effectrode Blackbird (that’s a serous combination!) and Tube-Vibe (which almost works like an overdrive pedal), but the TC-Electronics reverb (Hall of Fame) sounds a bit dull and flat. Perhaps because my hollow bodies already bring a natural resonance/reverb to the amp.

“Find a picture for your gallery attached. It’s called the DecoChamp, after the art-deco exterior (half a DVD rack I bought for 2 euro at a car boot sale).”