Derek’s BRG-covered combo

“All finished today.  The amp combo performs beautifully and joins the WF-55 combo I built last year.   They are very complimentary.  Thanks for making such great kits.  Very enjoyable to build.
“It took quite a while of considering different ideas before I went for an unusual configuration as I wanted to have easy access to the control panel and valves.  The width of the amp meant a 12 inch speaker was easy to accommodate.  The orientation of the panel and standard build meant bringing the amp to the front and fitting it vertically above the speaker which made the cabinet a little taller than some, but I decided it was better than an angle or ‘head’ horizontal orientation.  I located the speaker to one side to give good clearance to the sockets on the back for the Amp chassis and keep the height to a minimum.
“I started with a Celestion G12M Greenback speaker but had problems with that being faulty and have since changed to a Celestion G12 Vintage 30 and it sounds great through that, as it does through the WF-55 cab and the Celestion G10 Gold Speaker.
“For those that want to know the cab is 18mm marine ply (which I had left over from a different job) dovetailed at the corners and the front sections were finger jointed onto that.  A lot of work, but I wanted the practice of making the joints by hand towards future furniture making projects.  It also had the advantage of meaning I could make the cab as small as possible in this configuration as you have no internal battens to work around.   Edges are ½ inch rounded with a router.  Finished with British Racing Green Tolex and Tweed speaker cloth.  There is a nice space on the front there for a Logo or artwork and I am still thinking about that.  It has ended up at 540 x 525 x 260 mm and weighs in at 16.7 kgs to carry.  I even got the handle in the right place for the centre of gravity!”