Do your amps work on US mains voltage?

Yes. Some kits have universal power transformers with 110-120V windings. These are wired exactly as shown in the build guides and layout diagrams.

Some of the other mains transformers supplied with all kits can be wired for European (220-240V AC) or North American (110-120V) mains supplies. The online build guides for the kits show how to wire the mains transformer for European voltages: the two 0-120V windings are wired in series and in phase to make a single 0-240V winding.

For customers in the USA and Canada, it’s a simple wiring change to place these two windings in parallel for 120V AC mains. The diagram shows the only change required:
* only the red wires from the power switch are affected
* the wiring shown below puts the two 0-120V windings in parallel (instead of in series for European mains)
* all other wires to/from the mains transformer are unaffected
* if you’re in any doubt, contact Amp Maker for guidance