Emmanuel’s reclaimed mahogany WF-55

“I finished my take on a Champ combo today and I’m loving how this thing sounds. So far I’ve added a capacitor on the first preamp stage to gritty things up a bit and I’m debating buying a push-pull pot to enable and disable negative feedback without cluttering the control panel.
“I made some changes to the layout but used your chassis. I moved the output transformer over to give more clearance to the speaker in a very small cabinet. That necessitated rotating the board and the tubes obviously needed to also move. I think I kept the signal path relatively clear of the power supply etc. I was a little concerned with having the speaker output beside the IEC socket. I did my best to keep the wires independent and it sounds good to me!
“The cabinet is reclaimed mahogany and it makes the cabinet dense enough to give the small 8″ Jensen speaker a lot of growl. Thanks again for a great kit. It was so good I have a suspicion this won’t be my last amp build.”