Freeman’s all-oak Double Six combo

“Barry, just wanted to let you know how much I’ve been enjoying my little Double Six. Finally got around to building a dedicated cabinet for it – I had temporarily hung it in an old Gibson cab. Running through a Celestion Vintage 30 it sounds wonderful.

“The cabinet ended up 24 inches wide, 20 tall and 8 deep. That is just barely deep enough for the Double Six (allowing a little setback for the front of the amp). If I was going to do it again I would probably make it at least one inch deeper (that also was the width of the board that I had). It is oak, corners are ‘box joints’ – I used a home made jig for my router table. Finish is tung oil.

“The guitars are both home made from scratch – the Les Paul copy is based on plans for a ’57 ‘burst – maple cap with mahogany body and neck, set neck joint, modern versions of PAF pickups. The tele was made out of piece of 100 year old wood that I found in a barn on an old homestead. I call the guitar the BarnCaster.”