Garry Fairway’s ‘Nora Batty’ tribute amp!

Here’s a much-modified SL-18. “The amp is familiarly referred to as the ‘Norah Batty’ for obvious reasons.” (For viewers from outside the UK, Nora Batty was a TV character who was renowned for her wrinkled tights – a reference to the slightly wrinkly tolex on Garry’s amp!!!)

“The white knobs are to help me find the Volume and Gain; the Triumph badge comes from my old Spitfire and the Stig sticker came from a birthday cake. The speaker is new; I fancied a greenback, but this one is slightly more bassier which I prefer. The fascia is made from an offcut from sign making material; the lettering is lettraset (remember that?). The mysterious white circles on the sides are simply cut outs for carrying purposes ( although could also be for cooling). Makes stairs easier! When I come across some black piping I’ll replace the white.

There are circuit modifications, too: “A set of guitar tone controls installed before the amp’s input with a rotary selection switch of choice of a 500pf cap as inline filter (gives a thin sound), or a selection of conventional tone caps coupled with a Fender no-loss tone pot.

“The warm section, which is a capacitor in parallel (with the 1uF cathode bypass capacitor on V1). I’ve put 3 different values of cap in via a rotary switch.”