Gary’s Double Six

“I’ve lived with it for a couple of months now and overall I love it. It got its first gig last night – if you see the picture attached you’ll see my little setup. Remember I said I play in an 8 piece? Well, this was my bit of the ‘stage’. Huuuuge room, around 300 paying customers for a black tie ball.”

” I had the brass section (1 trumpet, 1 sax and (on one song) a trombone immediately to my left. Immediately to my right I had the drum kit. We have a vocalist plus backing vocals, bass and keys. Using the Double Six in 12W mode through the 1×12 that was firing immediately at my bum, I could hear myself perfectly throughout. I mic’d it to the PA so our soundman did the rest but the important thing for me was that did exactly what I wanted in this situation.”

So well done on a cracking little amp. I ran it on 8 with the ASAT Special telecaster (which has P90ish pickups on it) and ran it flat out on the Strat. It was ALMOST perfectly clean unless I dug in or pedalled it. For a lot of the set, I stomped on my home made Klon which lifted it a little. It added a bit of grit in there but was still clean enough as required. We did everything from ‘Skyfall’ by Adele Love Shack, Lady Marmalade, Robbie Williams etc. The Double 6 plus my pedalboard did the job perfectly.

“Jeff from Matamp made me the Double Six cabinet. It’s fab – he made it while I waited 🙂 He was impressed by the layout, my wiring and soldering and he doesn’t impress easily. Thanks again for a fab amp. I’m loving playing it and I loved building it.”