Gilbo’s Double Six mini-stack

“I live on a boat in the Caribbean with limited space, and my dad (who has built your 5W) got me the Double Six kit my birthday. I had the wiring finished in a few nights in spite of my girlfriend complaining I was taking up the whole saloon table!

“Due to work I hadn’t had time to build the cab until last week, but here it is all finished. The head is made from an old Peavey combo that died which I cut down to size. I’ve never been a fan of plain finishes so went with a black and gold paisley patterned material to complement the delightfully retro valve sound that this brilliant amp makes.

“The paisley came from a local haberdashery on the island, the woman didn’t really understand what a guitar amp was, but helped anyway! Two eminence red coat 12-inch speakers are on the way to fill the cab, which is gonna live at my bass players house because I don’t have the space.”