Graham’s ever-changing NoSo One!

“I put one together on Sunday morning in just over an hour. I’m very pleased to say it worked well first time! Just as a temporary measure to keep everything together I have built it into a five inch cardboard tube. Photos attached. It’s just held together with Gaffa tape for now.”

“Here are some photos of my latest NoSo One built into some plumbing fittings from B&Q. As you can see, I’ve sprayed it so it doesn’t look so lavatorial! On my previous effort I fitted a switch so I can turn off the distortion. My Gibson (it’s an ES 347) has very hot pickups so most of the time I don’t want any distortion. Sounds ok with my Strat copy though! I’ve also fitted a Jensen Chicago 5-30 (MOD) 5″ speaker. I must move the LED to the outside as well. I’ll keep you informed of any further developments.”

“I’ve had a bit of a fiddle with the drain pipe speaker enclosure! I realised that the part that I’d attached the amp and controls to would fit directly to the bit with the speaker in! Looks better (I think?) and keeps the whole thing small. It also sounds better.”

“I’ve changed it yet again! I’ve done away with the extra boost altogether. I think it sounds much better as the basic model. As you can see, I’ve put the amp in a plastic case I had hanging around from work. So I’ve got a sort of cab and amp type arrangement.”