Graham’s SE-5a combo

“The carcass is made from 18mm birch ply that has the top dovetailed and the bottom lapped as I originally had it taller but decided to square it off. The tolex is black Marshall elephant grain glued with PVA and the grill cloth is 1960s style grey mottled Marshell style. The handle is Marshall style with chrome end caps. I used white piping to finish off the look.

“The top rear panel is removable so the turret board and inner wiring can be serviced without removing the amp from the cabinet. I have fitted the Variable Voltage Regulator to the rear/underside of the amp next to the 8 ohm output jack, so I can practice late at night on very low audible volume with both the gain and master volume any level I like.

“I have also implemented the tone lift switch which gives the amp more distortion and volume. The speaker I have settled on is a 10″ Celestion G10D-25 after experimenting with a couple of 12″ speakers I decided to make a new baffle and try a 10″. The amp takes my pedals very well indeed. An Electro Harmonix Holy Grail nano reverb pedal and a Build Your Own Clone Overdive2 pedal with the Mosfet mod. As well as a Boss Metallizer distortion. This is a great sounding amp with chimey cleans and british crunch ‘aka The Who’ and the online instructions and customer support is second to none.”

Thanks for the kind words, Gray! 🙂