Henry’s loud SE-5a combo

“I just finished the case for my SE-5A kit, white tolex and some neon spray paints…tasteful :)

“The speaker is a Celestion Rocket and to my shame the case is made from MDF. I assembled it at first in a day as a temporary solution to protect the hard work inside and it was designed MacGyver style. (the metal corners and speaker panel are the main structural parts)

“Then a mic fell into the speaker so I popped it out with a hoover and welded the grille together to prevent it happening again. The red perspex is to prevent anyone putting their hands near the transformer and still keep the valve visible :)

“Then most recently I wanted to smarten it up a bit hence the white tolex. I wanted to make the most of the recessed front panel so I got some spray paints and decided that a tiger stripe design using masking tape would be hard to mess up and look interesting.

“I took it to a local blues jam (Sundays at the Earl of Beaconsfield in Cambridge) and it was nicknamed ‘The Fridge’. The volume is more than enough for practising and at a small jam was just right with everything turned up and using a fairly hot humbucker, It squealed (in a good way)!”