Ian Banham’s SE-5a

“Just to let you know I have completed my amp build using a old donor PARK G25R solid state combo that had long since died and lay like Christopher Lee in my loft awaiting resurrection! Initial hum and feedback problems were eventually tracked down to poor cable layout on my part. Input transformer vibration on the chassis was removed by mounting tranny on four 3/8” tap washers. Amp is now almost totally silent in regard to background noise.

“First fitted Jenson P10R speaker but soon found out this was not very efficient and replaced with Celestion G10F-70 16ohm, now has superb tone and twice the volume. Our Singer/12-string acoustic front man uses this amp for all our practice sessions! This is the first amp I’ve known that has full use of all controls and we have found it very flexible.

“Front and back panels are covered from a roll of veneer acquired off ebay and then varnished with antique pine. Used the JJ12Ax7 plus a Sovtek EL84 which I have found gives best results. I intend to build more valve amps and can only say carry on the good work!”