Ian’s long-awaited SE-5a

“It’s been five years or more since I purchased an SE-5a kit from you and, thanks to my incredible Dad rescuing it from the depths of my wardrobe, I thought you might like to see the finished article in all its glory! Could this be something of a gestation period record? As I’m sure you know all too well, it sounds fantastic through a 10 inch Jensen ceramic speaker.
“Dad says the cab’s marine plywood, which he then painted black throughout. He tried various different ways of glueing down the oxblood levant, but found the best results from carpet tiling contact adhesive (he said it allowed him just enough time to play with, without tearing the fabric). Protective aluminium strips are from Homebase’s kitchen supplies!
“Retirement is really suiting him. He’s assembled a Les Paul style kit guitar – actually looks and plays really well – but then decided he could do a better job and proceeded to build a bass and another guitar in his own styles!”