Jim’s WF-55 with hidden pedalboard

“The amp is pretty much standard bar the 470nF cap on the cathode of V1a. The only other change is that second knob on the top is currently a standby switch – I have a three way toggle switch that at some point I will use for either 4W, 2W and standby or 4W, 1/4W and standby.

“Speaker is a Weber VST Blue Pup 8-ohm speaker. It is Weber’s attempt to recreate the sound of the Celestion Blue speakers but in an 8″ – How close they get to be honest I don’t know but it sounds pretty darn good to my ears.”Enclosure is home built from pine. Sizewise it is pretty much standard Champ. Handprints are courtesy of my daughters, as is the artwork on the rear of the amp – all acrylic paint with standard domestic varnish over the top. Quite apart from not being a huge fan of plain black amps, I have never really got the hang of tolexing – and this way it gets the whole family involved in the build.”I fitted a home designed and built mini pedal board In the space at the bottom of the back – enough to hold three standard pedals. The top of the pedal board is specifically cut for those pedals, however it is screw on so if I do need to change all I need is a small square of ply and some more brightly coloured paint :)”