John’s miniature hybrid

“I thought you might be interested in this. I used the transformers I recently purchased from you for this build. It is a Fender Princeton/Deluxe Reverb hybrid, no tremolo, built using 4 sub miniature dual triodes valves in the preamp with 2 x 6AQ5 miniature output valves cathode biased which should put out about 10 watts RMS max. It’s very loud, in fact similar as to a Princeton clone I have.
“I went for a chocolate brown & cream blackface look. I used the Ampmaker PT 190V HT winding to give a (bridge) rectified voltage of 250V which is exactly right for the 6AQ5s and which are like miniature 6V6s. I also used the Ampmaker mini output transformer single ended i.e. with no centre tap as the driver for the reverb tank, driven by a paralleled 6021 sub miniature dual triode, like a mini 12AX7/ECC81. Again it works perfectly, in fact way too much, I had to change the value of the mixing resistor to tone it down a bit. OT is a spare from a Blues Junior I had lying around.”