John’s WF-55 combo

“Here are some photos of my WF-55, now that I’ve finished the cabinet, and tweaked the amp a little. The cabinet matches my boutique 18-watt amp, so I also have a 1×12 speaker cab that will match the WF-55 if I want a fuller sound than the 10-inch Jensen I’ve paired with the new amp.

“I spent a happy few hours experimenting with various caps in parallel with R4 and/or R6. In the end, I plumped for a single 0.47uF cap. I also disconnected the negative feedback. So, overall, it’s quite bright with a moderate amount of distortion available when required, but it’s also reasonably quiet and there’s some clean headroom.

“This is the first amp I’ve built. I really enjoyed it, and learnt quite a lot from the experience. I’ve been a fan of valve amps for ages, but it’s good to now understand a little more than I did before about their inner workings. Perhaps I’ll build another one sometime. Thanks for your help. Keep up the good work.”