Kevin’s aux-naturelle 18W combo

Who needs tolex? For his combo cab, Kevin cleaned up some old floorboards (!) and finished them natural. There’s some great detailing – check out the shaped valve protector on the back panel and the personalised valance on the front. Great work! As for the amp: “This 18W amp has utterly amazed me – I am using it instead of the Pro, even in reasonable size gigs, and it’s cutting through great and sounding fantastic. When I think of all the money I have spent on overdrive pedals and 9V batteries over the years… now it’s just a guitar and a lead.”

UPDATE:”Hope you are keeping well, just a quick note to say the amp now known as ‘The Breadbin’ is still going strong and sounding great. I’ve been doing lots of gigs with ex-Lizzy/Motorhead Brian Robertson and although more famous for his Marshall stacks, he loves the amp and uses it every time we play, just sticks a Vox wah and a cheap Marshall reverb pedal through it with his Les Paul and it sounds amazing.I used the PP-18 at the Cambridge Rock Fest a couple of weeks ago and as always no comps on my playing but several about the amp.”