Martin Elliott’s SE-5a in a Bluesbreaker-style cabinet

This is my favourite cabinet style of all. The so-called Mk1 Bluesbreaker may be chunkier than the classic Bluesbreaker type, but it just looks right. “Speaker is a 12” Celestion Vintage 30 and I am very happy with the tone – and the volume, by the way. If anyone out there thinks 5W might be a little bit weak for use in the home or for jam sessions with their mates, I’d contest that this amp has got plenty of poke for that.

“I had a mate round and we shut all the doors and turned it up, driving it through a MESA Boogie V-Twin pedal. Sound was terrific. You can play with the tone by adjusting the gain and master volume in combination with the gain on the overdrive pedal too (of course) – awesome. And then there’s the satisfaction of having built it oneself, which makes the whole thing even better.”