Martin’s incredible AC-30 clone

Some people deserve medals, and Martin is one. His meticulous planning and handiwork squeezed a full AC-30 Top Boost clone into the Amp Maker AC11 chassis, using the PT04 and OT04 transformers for power and output. It’s a substantial project, carried out with his 16yo son, and required some extra chassis work to add the extra preamp valves and a lot of work on the tag board layout. Understatement alert: “It’s squeezed into your standard chassis without too much trouble! The head and cab were a joint effort but the orange tolex was definitely NOT my choice.”

I’m especially delighted to hear that since building the amp, there’s been great news: “A real bonus of this project was that Gareth showed off some of his handiwork, and got an Arkwright Scholarship (see out of it, so we’re all chuffed.”.